GBBANet, electrocardiographic records database

GBBANet, an on-line electrocardiographic records databse

Since its foundation in 1984 the Simon Bolivar University's (USB) Applied Biophysics and Bioengineering Group (GBBA) has designed and developed various signal databases in order to study illnesses such as chagas, ischemic preconditioning, newborn apnea and many others. An important number of working hours has been invested in the collection of these signals. Collaboration between engineer and medical groups has also been necessary. Therefore, it is important to preserve this data and allow the scientific community to profit of this work.
This information has already been used by many M.Sc and Ph.D students in the USB. It is our goal to make this information available to the rest of the scientific community through GBBANet. This is a portal containing the main signal databases gathered in the GBBA, starting with three databases containing electrocardiographic registries.
Navigating through the GBBABank you'll be able to freely download different signals, used in the study of different diseases. For each database you'll find detailed information on the conditions of acquisition, the project in which was developed and resources to read and process the signals.
If you wish to find more detailed information on the work made in the GBBA we encourage you to consult the references page. There you will find papers, doctoral thesis and links that should calrify any doubts.
For any further information you may access the contact page and mail us, phone us or tweet us.
We hope this initiative is of great use for the scientific community.


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