GBBANet, electrocardiographic records database
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The Simon Bolivar University's Applied Bioengeneering and Biophysics Group would like to thank the following people for their participation in the construction of GBBANet:
Carlos Ledezma. For designing and maintaining the first versions of GBBANet and evaluating and adapting the first databases that were uploaded to this site. Also for creating different routines that serve as help in the reading and processing of these databases.
Miguel Altuve, Ph.D. For having the initiative of developing an on-line database, this initiative will help many researchers around the world who are in need of data for testing; and for his constant contributions to this project, in opinions as well as codes and signals.
Sara Wong, Ph.D, Erika Severeyn, Ph.D and the researchers of the GBBA. Their work in collecting data and doing research with it is what made this initiative possible.
All the workers of the University Hospital of Caracas whose help in the data collection has been invaluable.
We would also like to thank the following people for their generous contribution to our crowdfunding campaign, they made possible the publication of this paper in the EMBC 2014:

  • Pedro Rivera
  • Juan Delgado
  • Alexandra La Cruz
  • Carlos Rondón
  • Angelina Jesurum de Keri
  • Carlos J. Ledezma
  • Juan Carlos Cobo
  • Oscar Ledezma
  • Cecilia Rondón
And the following companies for sponsoring the publication of the paper that presented this web-site at the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference 2014.

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