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In the following you will find a list of all our available databases. In this page you will be able to read a short description of what each database contains. Feel free to follow the links to download the signals contained in each database.

If you wish to use these databases in your research, you must cite the article:

Ledezma, C., Severeyn, E., Perpinan, G., Altuve, M., & Wong, S. (2014, August). A new on-line electrocardiographic records database and computer routines for data analysis. In Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2014 36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE (pp. 2738-2741). IEEE.

Ischemic Cardiopathy (1996)

Database of patients presenting ischemic cardiopathy.

  • 3-lead ECG recordings
  • 27 ischemic patients
  • 23 control subjects
  • 30 minutes each
  • 250 samples per second.


Ischemic Preconditioning (1997)

Database of patients presenting repeated episodes of ischemic cardiopathy.

  • 3-lead ECG recordings
  • 14 ischemic patients
  • 6 control subjects
  • Two recordings per subject
  • 30 minutes each
  • 250 samples per second


Diabetic Cardiac Neuropathy Diagnostic Modeling (2007)

Database of patients presenting diabetic cardiac neuropathy.

  • 8-lead ECG recordings
  • 51 diabetic subjects with cardiac complications
  • 3 diabetic subjects without cardiac compliciations
  • 11 control subjects
  • 25 minutes each
  • 250 samples per second


Metabolic Syndrome Study (2009)

Database of patients presenting metabolic syndrome.

  • 12-lead ECG recordings
  • 15 patients with metabolic syndrome
  • 10 control subjects
  • 5 fully annotated recordings per subject
  • 15 minutes each
  • 1000 samples per second


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